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Welcome to the Art and Photography of G. Alan Beck. I am located in So. Jersey convenient to Philadelphia. My photography style can best be described as photojournalistic. What I try to capture is the personality or essence of my subjects.

Whether I capture your portrait or event with my camera or with mediums such as oil painting, pastels or graphite drawings, you can be sure that you are hiring a professional, passionate and skilled Artist who will create a piece of artwork that you will cherish, not for years to come, but for generations.

A little background info.
I was born in the Philadelphia area where I still reside. My passion and love of art and the continuiong desier to learn has guided my career. I am a self taught artist, and was never formally trained.. However, I do not view this as a disadvantage, quite the opposite, I feel this has given me valuable insight, skill and experience that I might not of had by sitting in a classroom.

Recent History.
I have been a freelance artist since 2007. Prior to that I spent over a decade in the commercial design industry. For the last eight years I was an Art Director for one of the largest sign companies on the east coast, NW Sign Industries. My department was in charge of sign and gaming environments for casinos. If you have ever been to Atlantic City, NJ or Las Vegas NV, you probably have seen my work.

Tell us about your Art and Photography.
My photography style can be best described as photojournalistic. When I’m taking portraits or events, I like to capture the moment, as it is. I don’t like asking people to say “cheese”.
When I am shooting staged shots in the studio, I like a high energy, improvisation, in the moment on the fly, creative type of atmosphere. Loud music, lots of lights and little inhibition.
My fine art is a little harder for me to categorize. My oil paintings lean in the direction of the classical painters in technique. My pastels definitely have an impressionistic influence to them.

What does this all mean? It means that whether you commission me for an oil painting, a pastel sketch or you hire me for photographic services, you can rest assured that you are hiring a talented reliable professional, who gives the extra effort to create works of art that you will be proud to showoff for years to come.

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