Photography | Pets

The Session
What to expect.
I will shoot at your home and or at a location you choose. Natural light is preferred. I do not use backgrounds on location.
I prefer to meet my clients and their dogs at a park or playground.This usually takes about an hour and allows me to get to know your dog on neutral ground and gives me an opportunity to photograph your dog at play. This play time also helps to calm them down. After this play time we go to stage two and move to your home. Here I will try and get an idea of how your pet behaves and to look for their favorite areas and activities. Please let me know of those activities and places your pet likes, this will help in capturing their personality. The photo session in your home usually takes another hour.

How do I prepare for a session?
Humans and dogs need to be groomed as they want to appear in the photograph. Additionally, it is very helpful if the dogs are tired and a little hungry. Be sure to bring favorite toys and treats.

My dog’s behavior.
Does my dog have to be well trained?
It is most helpful if your dog knows basic commands. The better your dog knows basic commands the more time we can spend being creative.

Is there a limit to how many dogs you can photograph at one time?
Up to three dogs is included in the regular session fee. There may be an additional fee for more than three dogs.

Last but not least
Only those being photographed should be present. Extra family and friends can be distracting and I don’t want to compete for your pet’s attention, this can be difficult enough as is.

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