A Little Grace

November 24, 2009 in Photography


These are photos of my niece Grace taken in my backyard.


October 21, 2009 in Nature, Photography

Here are some photos of creatures I recently found in my backyard. I really like the bee photos, I’m not sure what kind of  bee this is but I think it’s a Carpenter Bee.  I love the bokeh in the background and the colors as well.

The spider was kind of cool. His was a huge web! Plus he hung around for about a week, this was the best shot of him.

Cute little chipmunk. Not to bright though. He tried to hide from me, I guess he’s camera shy, he trapped himself in this tight little space. Which was fine by me because I really liked how the shot is framed. But it was hard to get a good shot, he was trembling so bad, I thought  if I don’t hurry up he might have a tiny, yet deadly little heart attack.