More Nature shots

May 3, 2012 in animals, Nature, Photography

Flight of the Dove

Flight of the Dove


Abbey Lane

June 9, 2011 in animals, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, Places

Abbey Lane

Abbey Lane

I was at a local park walking along the asphalt path and happened to capture a Goose with her gosling crossing the path ahead of me. Something looked familiar about it to me.   At first I couldn’t place it, then it dawned on me, it looked like the Beatles aalbum cover for Abbey Road.  So after looking at the cover, I flipped the image horizontally and added the crosswalk lines.   I almost added more like the cars etc, but then I might as well just drop the birds in the Abbey Road cover, and that would take away from my capture. I think flipping the photo and adding the lines, while may not be necessary, I think is enough and effective.

Here is the unedited photo

Abbey Lane Original

Abbey Lane Original

Birds in My Backyard

August 28, 2010 in animals, Nature, Photography


Bird 1


October 21, 2009 in Nature, Photography

Here are some photos of creatures I recently found in my backyard. I really like the bee photos, I’m not sure what kind of  bee this is but I think it’s a Carpenter Bee.  I love the bokeh in the background and the colors as well.

The spider was kind of cool. His was a huge web! Plus he hung around for about a week, this was the best shot of him.

Cute little chipmunk. Not to bright though. He tried to hide from me, I guess he’s camera shy, he trapped himself in this tight little space. Which was fine by me because I really liked how the shot is framed. But it was hard to get a good shot, he was trembling so bad, I thought  if I don’t hurry up he might have a tiny, yet deadly little heart attack.

Zoo trip

June 19, 2009 in animals, Nature, Photography, Places

Photos from the Philadelphia Zoo.

Parrot 1


May 8, 2009 in Nature, Photography